Thursday, December 5, 2013

And the winners are...

Lots of writers, not quite as many winners (which is to be expected). There were around 90 students that actively participated in NaNoWriMo this year, and about a third of them met or exceeded their word goal (even my 5 year old daughter met her word goal!). Twenty-nine students put pen-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboards and worked throughout November to finish something that very few people can say they've done -- write the own novel. Here is a list of the winners, plus the number of times they have written:

  1. Liam C. (1st year)
  2. Nayeli C. (2nd year)
  3. Carmen F. (3rd year)
  4. Scott B. (1st year)
  5. Avery E. (1st year)
  6. Anthony A. (1st year)
  7. Ashly B. (1st year)
  8. Ashley H. (2nd year, and she wrote over 50,000 words!)
  9. Casey S. (1st year)
  10. Chris B. (1st year)
  11. Conner S. (4th year!)
  12. Ariana A. (1st year)
  13. Sierra W. (1st year)
  14. Jessica S. (1st year)
  15. Maya J. (3rd year)
  16. Maci C. (2nd year)
  17. Sabena S. (1st year)
  18. Riley L. (1st year)
  19. Brittany G. (1st year)
  20. Santos O. (2nd year)
  21. Caleb S. (1st year)
  22. Cadi B. (2nd year)
  23. Sarah S. (2nd year)
  24. De'vion W. (3rd year)
  25. Ashton C. (1st year)
  26. Alyssa G. (1st year)
  27. Bre S. (1st year)
  28. Pernisha V. (2nd year)
  29. Sarah R. (3rd year)
Congratulations to all of the winners, and to everyone that took on the challenge. Tomorrow we start handing out prizes, and I (hopefully) will be able to give a great pen to all of the participants. By the way, students need check out the Inks & Samples page and choose the color of ink they want to fill their new pen with. Thank you to all of the donors, and especially to the Goulets for all the ink (honestly, I think the vast amount of ink choices is what I love about fountain pens the most...).

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