Monday, October 14, 2013

Assorted inks & ink samples from Goulet Pens and Fountain Pen Geeks

Thanks to the generous donations of people over at the Fountain Pen Geeks forums and Goulet Pens, I am swimming in ink. There is a color of ink for every color of the rainbow (and even some that aren't). I couldn't believe the box that showed up on my doorstep from Goulet Pens, with over 80 ink samples! I'll try to get a picture posted later tonight, and attempt (I said attempt...) to get a list of the inks and color samples posted on the "Inks Available" page (but there are a lot... I mean, A LOT!).

I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support for these kids. They are getting excited, and can't wait to start their novels (quite a few have even asked if they really have to wait until November 1st... yes...). And big thanks to the Goulets from, and Pencils+Pens & kenshin over at the FPGeeks forums.

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