Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Creativity Already?

Kids are joining in every day, and with 30 left before NaNoWriMo starts...I hope I have enough pens?

I decided to try something a little more "creative" with the sign up this year. Normally, students interested in writing would simply stop by my door and let me know they were interested. This year, there is a "registration" form.

Some of the students are getting creative with their "Hero" names:
  • Wild Pirate
  • Vital Power
  • Captain Blocksalot
  • Shinobi Peach
  • The Invincible Hamster
  • Unicornasong
  • Rambo Chowbaca
  • Saxophone Man (guess which instrument this one plays...)
  • The Green Dragon
  • Night
  • Pokecrafter95
  • Geek Girl
  • Nerd Girl
  • Super Writer (predicting the future?)
  • Wild West (this one was creative...his last name is West!)
  • Deep Thought
  • Sceamintin
  • Z Fang
  • CB
  • Elite Band Chick (yeah she is!)
  • Leo Boy
  • Outstanding Red
  • Crazy Boy
  • Cerda
  • The Captain (hey, I get to have fun with this too)
  • Fire Blaid
  • Copurnium Cowfish
  • Writterholic
  • Fat Cacaque
  • Mister Super Man
And there's quite a few more that have already signed up. Time to get ready for writing!

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