Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prize packs

I'm working on putting prize packs together today. Every student that takes on the NaNoWriMo challenge will receive one of these packs. 
Each prize pack contains:
     1. Either a Field Notes or doane paper journal (for plotting, character sketches, etc...);
     2. Faber-Castell JUMBO Dot grip pencil;
     3. from JetPens, a Zebra Zmulsion gel pen;
     4. a KUM pencil sharpener (I LOVE KUM sharpeners! Everyone should have a least 3 or 4);
     5. stickers (sometimes you've got to celebrate that awesome scene, or perfect line);
     6. one dice (I know, I know. "Dice" aficionados will say "die", but after researching which is correct, it turns out BOTH are correct these days. Ah, modern English. I got this idea from my co-worker, Mrs. Hemenway. The die is used when you're stuck and don't know which way to go with your story. "The die is cast."). 

There is one thing missing that I'll add this week. I've ordered NaNo writers buttons, but they haven't arrived yet. 

Thank you again to all of the donors and supporters. We all can't wait until November 1st. 

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